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2Vilão is a duo of directors from the east zone of Sao Paulo who grew up alongside the peripheral cultural collectives. Mary and Peri, as they prefer to be called, began to direct independently driven by the desire to tell stories, value diversities and represent and be a reference to the suburb.

Since they started their careers as photographers, they care a lot about the aesthetics of their work. Since the beginning, with even just a few resources and equipments, they always looked for the best results. This is their differential. The determination brought them here and won them a lion at Cannes 2018 with "Dissolving Poster" - acclaimed with several awards since then.

REEL 2 Vilão
2 Vilão
The Dissolving Poster
Festou 10
Casas Bahia
Penitência part. Warley Noua
Rodrigo Ciampi
#DEQUEBRA - Brechó Desencanto
(Português do Brasil) Brechó Desencanto
(Português do Brasil) Fashion Film
(Português do Brasil) Brechó Desencanto
(Português do Brasil) Corte e Cresça - Vitor
(Português do Brasil) Corte e Cresça - Mateus
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Rodrigo Cabral
Pedro Furtado
Alex Miranda
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2 Vilão
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