• Alex Miranda

During his career, he worked for the country's largest production companies, such as O2 Filmes, Cincopontoseis, Academia de Filmes and Margarida, but he highlights the work with the director Fernando Meirelles as a special learning.
He developed a dynamic, fluid and modern cinematography influenced by the years when he directed award-winning music video for MTV Brasil and lifestyle films.
He has specialized his work in films for the young audiences and has been directing for more than fifteen years, composing a curriculum that with approximately 100 music videos and more than 500 commercials.

(Português do Brasil) JEEP & WSL
(Português do Brasil) Jeep
(Português do Brasil) REEL ALEX MIRANDA
Expedição Extraordinária
(Português do Brasil) Faculdade Anhanguera - BIA
(Português do Brasil) Kroton
(Português do Brasil) JEEP / WSL
(Português do Brasil) Jeep
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Taxi Driver
Pelada, Futebol na Favela
Tudo Nele é Jeep
Jeep Renegade
4 Histórias 4 Estradas
Jeep & Discovery Brasil
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